"Together, we can make it"


Community of Namibians in Great Britain (CNGB) is a non-profit organisation that provides social interaction opportunities to all Namibians that reside in the United Kingdom (UK), Europe and the Diaspora. CNGB is managed by a committee of Namibians who reside in the UK and is also supported by Board of Trustees, advisers and they include community members, charities and other friendly groups in the UK.  

CNGB aims to build bridges between our British High Commission and Namibians here as well as in the diaspora, by fostering a strong bond of communications, and bridging the gap between our members and our representatives in our High Commission office. 

We collaborate with other organisations to enhance our status in Social Welfare, Education & Edutainment (Education through Entertainment), promote our Cultures and customs with help from groups such as Friends of Namibia, Catherine Bullen Foundation, ANUK, Religious organisations, NGOs, etc.

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