Becoming a member of CNGB means you are stepping on the journey of human development. CNGB welcome any Namibian or individual with interest in Namibian developmental agenda at heart. Our membership is valid for a year and is renewable every year.

The benefit of being affiliated member of CNGB 
  • We contribute £500 to the repatriation of body of deceased to Namibia when you have transitioned and provide bereavement support.
  • We contribute £150 if you lost your immediate family whether is in the UK or Namibia.
  • Eligible for training and workshops opportunities.
  • Eligible for free consultation with our Immigration Solicitors and well-being experts.
  • 15% discount to all our activities and events tickets.

To ensure that you are not missing out to above benefits, all you need to do is to make a payment of £30.00 subscription fee every year.

cngb Strategic goals and objectives

  • To promote the Namibian culture and integration within the UK.
  • To create the links and support system amongst the Namibians reside in the UK, Europe.
  • To collaborate and partnership with various stakeholders that serve and support Namibians in the UK, in Namibia and other European nations.
  • To promote the scope and the impact of the Namibians in the diaspora to  socio-economical development of Namibia.
How do we achieve our goals:
  • Hosting community events, activities, road shows where non-Namibians can meet with Namibians interact, engage and increase their understanding of each other.
  • Create the platforms where individuals, organisations and nations are invited to educate the Namibian people in the UK in various subject that has impact to the developmental issues of our people.
  • Signs mutual agreement with various organisations that are willing to us in various aspects of human development.
  • Develop partnership working relationship with Namibian charities, government and non-governmental organisations and put mechanism in place where the Namibians in diaspora can avail themselves and assist Namibians back home in various field such as social, economical, technological and political.

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